Go to Bat - Artworks

"Go to Bat" captures a moment of true magic—a bat pollinating a flower under the moon's gentle glow. It's not only a testament to the beauty and intrigue of the nocturnal world, but a powerful call to action. Every purchase helps support the vital work of the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation. Thank you!


Why save the bat? 

These gentle, remarkable creatures are vital to biodiversity and provide a range of important ecosystem and economic services, including pest control, pollination, seed dispersal, and ecotourism, not to mention their contributions to innovation and science, from blood-clot medications to military sonar.

Over 500 plant species rely on bats to pollinate their flowers, according to the Bat Conservation Trust, including species of mango, banana, durian, guava and agave. More than half of the 154 known bat species across North America are at risk of severe population decline in the next 15 years, according to the State of the Bats Report published by the North American Bat Conservation Alliance (NABCA).

Drivers of population declines include climate change, habitat loss, White Nose Syndrome, and mortality from wind turbines. As the scope and severity of these threats increase, so does the risk of losing some species forever. "Conservation projects can make the difference between life or death for bats,” says Dr. Winifred Frick, Chief Scientist at Bat Conservation International. “People working together, from government agencies to bat enthusiasts, are important players to ensure bats have the attention and protections they need to survive and prosper."

Follow these four simple steps to help bats survive and thrive: (1) grow pollinator-friendly flowers, (2) provide nest sites, (3) avoid pesticides, and (4) spread the word. Let's go to bat!

Artist: Sergey Avdeev
Art direction: Giles Jackson