What is Artworks?

We offer an exclusive collection of artworks by talented artists and designers working on the outer fringes of the art universe.

Our production partner is Prodigi, a UK-based a fine art print specialist whose clientele includes Tate, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. So we can focus on nurturing ideas and artistic talent, Prodigi takes care of production and fulfillment for us.  

Unlike the Amazons of this world, we don’t ship ready-made goods. Each and every order is a bespoke order, produced to your specifications. 

Prodigi operates a global network of 50+ professional print labs in the US, UK, EU, South Korea and Australia, from which bespoke orders are shipped. Our goal is to reduce time, shipping distance and carbon emissions.


Which global markets do you serve?

We ship worldwide, except for Afghanistan, Belarus, Haiti, Libya, Nauru, Russia, Somalia, Ukraine, and Yemen. We’re monitoring courier service to Ukraine and hope to ship there in the near future.

How are products made?

All artworks products are made-to-order per customer specifications. We print using the “Giclée” method, a sophisticated 12-colour inkjet printmaking process which creates the highest quality fine art reproductions by spraying millions of ink droplets on to paper, canvas, and other substrates. The standard for museums and galleries around the world, Giclée’s smooth transitions of colour gradients make prints appear much more realistic than other methods. Giclée prints last 100+ years under optimal conditions. Note: where Giclée unsuitable, as for stickers, we use other methods (details on product pages). 

A high degree of image accuracy is achieved through colour management—the constant calibration of printers, monitors and software to ensure the colour of your prints matches the previews on our website. Note: minor modifications may occur between print runs. 



Where are products made?

Production and fulfillment is managed by our UK-based partner, Prodigi. Prodigi operates manufacturing facilities in Europe, which supply a network of more than 50 commercial print labs located in the US, UK, EU, South Korea, and Australia. Using this model, we are able to produce closer to our customers, which translates into lower carbon emissions and greater efficiency.

Under the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION on each product page, you can identify the country or countries where each product is made.  

How long does production take?

The majority of products ship within 3-5 working days (see product pages for more details). More complex products, such as framed and canvas prints, take longer because of the many production steps involved. Please see product pages for production estimates for each product. 

Note: working days does not include weekends, so if your order is placed on a Friday night, the clock doesn’t start until Monday morning (the same applies for public holidays).

All items are carefully inspected prior to shipping.

Is sustainability a priority?

A key reason for partnering with Prodigi is that they strive to be an efficient, sustainable, ethical business, and work hard to mitigate their impact on the environment, whilst actively benefiting the communities in which they work. As examples:

-Wood and pulp is 100% sourced from sustainably managed forests, i.e. forests which meet the needs of wildlife while supporting livelihoods and providing many other ecosystem services, such as carbon storage and flood risk mitigation.

-Print labs use neo pigment, water-based inks, which are 100% non-hazardous, toxin-free and vegan friendly. They meet the strictest industry standards as defined by Oeko-Tex 100, Global Organic Textiles (GTOTS-3V), and Residues Standard List (RSL).

-Packaging is made from recycled materials. Plastics are avoided wherever possible. Where this isn’t practical, environmentally friendlier plastics are used, such as biodegradable OPP bags as well as plastic bags and protective bubble wrap that can be recycled at special collection points. Prodigi is prototyping eco-friendly alternatives to bubble wrap. Packages are free of labels, hangtags and leaflets.  

-Product options include products which biodegrade, or are made from up to 100% recycled plastic.

-Prodigi adheres to the Fair Labour Association Code of Conduct, partners where possible with suppliers who are ISO 14001, ISO 24000 or ISO 26000 compliant, and actively seeks to work with print labs that use renewable energy over standard grid electricity. As a minimum, all partners must adhere to anti child labour and anti forced labour regulations, as well as provide traceability for all core raw materials.

-Prodigi’s production facilities run on Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) principles and Total Quality Management (TQM) processes. This process ensures that all employees are responsible for their own quality and that products meet exacting standards. 

-Processes are Value Stream Mapped to minimise the five applicable wastes of lean manufacturing: Motion, Waiting, Over-Processing, Overproduction, and Defects (Failure Mode Effect Analysis is deployed to try to pre-emptively break processes).

-Distributed production means products are produced closer to the end consumer, significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Sustainability is a moving target. We are monitoring Prodigi’s progress in the areas of energy efficiency, potable and non potable water consumption, waste to landfill, materials usage, transport carbon emissions, and ethical procurement.

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping on orders over $150 to the following countries: United States, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Caribbean Netherlands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada.

How do I select a product?

Each product page contains three useful tabs: “Product Description” (about the featured product), “About the Artwork” (its meaning and message), and “Measurements & Conversions” (for use when selecting the right print size). Scroll down to find a wealth of useful information under “Frequently Asked Questions.” Please review this information carefully before making a purchase. 

Product pages contain images of products of various sizes and configurations, and some include interior renderings to help you visualise products in various settings. Not all product sizes and configurations are available for preview. Interior renderings are not necessarily to scale.

Please be aware that actual print colours vary slightly from those displayed on your screen. This happens because desktop and mobile device screens create colour using light, whereas printers create colour using ink. Other factors also play a role, such as the colour settings that alter the brightness and contrast of your screen, and the brand of device you are using.  

All prices shown are shown in local currency (US dollar equivalent at time of visit) and are subject to currency exchange rates. For transactions in foreign (non-USD) currencies, Shopify charges a 1.5% currency conversion fee. 

We accept multiple payment methods, offer installment payment plans and express checkout options. With installment plans, some restrictions may apply, subject to the policies of financial institutions involved. 


How do I place an order?

Place in Cart 

Click PLACE IN CART button. A handy sidebar appears, listing all items in your cart. Add or subtract items until the subtotal aligns with your budget. Click VIEW SHOPPING BAG to get a quick shipping estimate. 

Proceed to Checkout

Click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT and proceed to the Information page. Choose from three options: (1) Use Express Checkout (if applicable), (2) Log in to your account (if a member), or (3) Manually input your contact information. Your profile will be safely saved to expedite future transactions. 

Use a street address for delivery, because not all postal services and courier companies deliver to PO boxes. Please be aware that mistyped or incorrectly formatted addressed cause shipping delays. We cannot offer free replacements for orders not received due to an incorrect address. To avoid the cost and inconvenience of having to re-order, double-check your entries. 

On the Information page you can also choose whether to accept occasional news and offers from us, via email and/or text. Please see our privacy policy.

Choose shipping method

We offer up to four shipping options, each increasing in price and speed: Budget, Standard, Express, and Overnight. For peace of mind, tracked courier service is recommended whenever possible. 

Shipping policy

Note: we offer free shipping on orders over $150 to the following countries: United States, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Caribbean Netherlands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada.

Continue to Payment 

Before processing your Payment, you may choose to add a tip. 100% of proceeds support student art and design projects under the auspices of the "Rebel Tartan Project." RTP was founded in 2015 and is directed by Juliana Sissons, a lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, an external examiner at Central St. Martins, and Fashion Designer-in-Residence at the V&A museum in London. Participating institutions include Nottingham Trent University, Glasgow School of Art, Bunka Fashion College (Tokyo), Pearl Academy (India), Wuhan Textile University (China), and Dundee College of Art & Design. 

Select your preferred payment method, and click PAY NOW. You will see an order summary and receive a confirmation email.

How do I amend or cancel my order?


Contact us ASAP and we will try to make the change before the item(s) go into production. Please have your order number ready. Message us via chat or email us at

How long will it take to produce my order?

Production times vary from product to product (please see individual product pages for more details). The majority of products ship within 3-5 days. More complex products, such as framed and canvas prints, take a little longer due to the many delicate production steps involved. Please note that working days do not include weekends, so if your order is placed on a Friday night, the clock doesn’t start until Monday morning (the same applies for public holidays).

How will I know my order has been shipped?

You will receive a confirmation email for each package shipped.

How do I track my package(s)?

Each print lab specialises in certain products, such as posters & prints, or stationery. If your order includes more than one product type, these may be produced by different labs. If so, these items will ship separately, and you will receive a separate shipping confirmation email and tracking number for each package. On the navigation bar you will see a Track Order option. If you need help, please message us via chat or email as at

How long will it take to deliver my package(s)?

Delivery times vary depending on your chosen level of service (Budget, Standard, Express, and Overnight) and other factors, such as international customs clearance. More information under ‘What if my package is delayed.’

How are customs duties calculated?

Customs duties are fees levied by governments on imported goods. Duties are based on the retail price. If multiple packages are being shipped, we split the total customs duty for all packages equally among them. For example, if you place an order for a greeting card and a framed print, the combined customs duty will split 50:50. You'll still end up paying the same customs duty. This will be collected by your mail carrier on behalf of your government.  

What if I need to reroute delivery?

If you need to change your delivery address, please message us via chat or email us with your order number and details ASAP ( If your order isn’t already out for delivery, we’ll attempt to get the address modified. Please be aware that this is generally more successful with courier services than with postal services.  

What if my package is delayed or lost?

Delays may be caused by many factors, including overloaded postal systems (during busy periods), postal staff strikes or shortages, cyber attacks on postal systems, natural disasters, severe weather, and other unusual events. 

Customs and import restrictions may also impose significant delays beyond our control. Due to varying timescales for international customs procedures, if you do not receive your order within 30 days of the original dispatch date, we reserve the right to review the missing or delayed order on a case by case basis. 

Delays may also be caused by failed delivery attempts (i.e. no one is home to receive the order). 

Lost packages

Packages can get lost due to a mistyped or incorrectly formatted address. To avoid the cost and inconvenience of having to re-order, be sure to double-check your data entries! We cannot offer free replacements for orders not received due to an incorrect address. 

Occasionally packages get lost even when the address is accurately recorded. This is more likely with postal services than courier services. Since packages may be mistakenly delivered to the incorrect address due to human error, we advise checking in the vicinity, with neighbours, and so on. 

In the event that an order is not received within 30 days of ordering (and assuming the address was inputted correctly when the order was made), we’ll send a replacement free of charge, no questions asked.

What if an item arrives damaged?

Prodigi’s packaging standards have been refined many times over many years. It is extremely rare for breakage or damage to occur. On those rare occasions when such incidents do happen, we will produce and ship a replacement immediately, at our expense. Note: photographs documenting damage are required. 

What is your replacement policy?

If there's an error on our part, or if one or more items are damaged in transit, we will produce and ship replacement(s) at our expense, no questions asked. 

Consistent with the policies of leading fine art suppliers, such as the Tate Shop, we do not accept returns or exchanges for Made-to-Order items.

That said, if there's an issue, we want to put it right. Message us via chat or email us at and we’ll sort things out to your complete satisfaction.