How do I select a product?

Each product page contains three useful tabs: “Product Description” (about the featured product), “About the Artwork” (its meaning and message), and “Measurements & Conversions” (for use when selecting the right print size). Scroll down to find a wealth of useful information under “Frequently Asked Questions.” Please review this information carefully before making a purchase. 

Product pages contain images of products of various sizes and configurations, and some include interior renderings to help you visualise products in various settings. Not all product sizes and configurations are available for preview. Interior renderings are not necessarily to scale.

Please be aware that actual print colours vary slightly from those displayed on your screen. This happens because desktop and mobile device screens create colour using light, whereas printers create colour using ink. Other factors also play a role, such as the colour settings that alter the brightness and contrast of your screen, and the brand of device you are using.  

All prices shown are shown in local currency (US dollar equivalent at time of visit) and are subject to currency exchange rates. For transactions in foreign (non-USD) currencies, Shopify charges a 1.5% currency conversion fee. 

We accept multiple payment methods, offer installment payment plans and express checkout options. With installment plans, some restrictions may apply, subject to the policies of financial institutions involved.